Mega Food has been supplying local businesses for decades, and we would be happy to start dealing with your business!

Please note that we only open accounts for food services. This includes anything from restaurants and food manufacturers to supermarkets. And we do NOT service residential address, nature of "End user group buyers", and / or similar activities.

Please fill in the form by clicking the link below:

If you wish to fill in a physical paper form, please send an email to , we will reply as soon as possible.

Please set aside 10-15 minutes with the below information ready:
1. All company information, including Director's details,
2. A scan copy of your company Extract from NZ companies office (file size < 2MB).
3. Witness' details for "Personal Guarantee" section,
4. A scan copy of the Guarantor's valid driver license (file size < 2MB). Guarantor must be either a director or the shop owner.

Upon completion, you will receive a copy of all the contents and terms. Please print the email and sign on the space marked (TO SIGN). Then scan the signed document(s) and send back to "". We will process your application in 10-14 working days.

 If you need to apply for removal of Personal Guarantee for an existing account (e.g. resigned as director, shop sold, etc...), please fill in this form:

Thank you.
Mega Food Services