Honest People. Affordable Food. Quality Service.

Mega Food is a family owned & operated one stop shop for all meat, poultry & seafood products.

Our purpose is to provide great prices without compromising on the quality of our meat.
We aim to help all sized companies whether it’s small, medium or large. We have you sorted.

Mega Food always has someone available to assist you. Our service is easy, fast and if there are any issues, we can point you in the right direction straight away. We give amazing solutions & support within NZ, for NZ'ers.
Mega Food started from humble beginnings as a poultry only business in 1997. After acquiring another two food distribution companies in 2006 and 2008 we expanded our scope and branched out into the whole meat market.

Both companies had similar strategies and aligned with the main goal of bringing good food at great prices to all New Zealanders. In 2012, we rebranded and Mega Food was born.

Today Mega Food stands on its own, with our own plant, based in East Tamaki, Auckland. Making over 30 tons of chicken per day, we are able to price our meat at very competitive prices without skimping on quality.