Frequently Asked Questions

Weight is shown in kilograms in the specifications section below:

Currently, to access our webstore, you must be an existing customer with us and must contact our customer service team to help you set up a profile. Either call 0800 100 188 or email us on to get started.
If you have forgotten your password, or you simply want to change it, on the login page click “Forgot Password” and follow the steps to create a new one.

Enter key words such as “belly” / “cutlet” or (if you know it) the unique Mega Food item code like “11612” / “236272” in the product search bar above.
Yes. Click on the “MY ACCOUNTS” tab and “My Invoices” on the left and you will be able to view all your invoices charged to your customer code. You can also use this page to pay for your outstanding invoices by selecting which ones you want to pay.
Yes, we allow for forward orders. During checkout, select your requested delivery date before you submit your order.
Once you’ve submitted your order and before it is dispatched, you can edit your order by going to the “MY ACCOUNTS” tab and “My Orders” and on the pending order you would like to change click “View details” and then “Edit”. You can add to, take out, and change any part of your order including the delivery date when editing but you cannot cancel your order. If you would like to cancel your pending order, please call in to 0800 100 188.

For us to accept returned stock, we require a return request within 24hr of delivering the stock in its original condition: which means that the packaging must be intact, and the product cannot be thawed.